Amazon Mechanical Turk – mTurk Tips & Tricks

Check out some cool mTurk tips and tricks which will help you to earn more in Amazon Mechanical Turk. If you are a beginner or experience person, I am sure these mturk tips is

going to help you a lot. So just have a look on some of these tips below-

First thing you have to do here is ‘Take the qualification Test’ from the Qualification tab on the top in your mTurk account. You will become eligible for more HITs after clearing the Qualification test.

Start with the easiest HITs in mturk and accept only those tasks you think will get 100% approval. Generally the HITs with very low reward are the easiest one. Or you can do some tasks where you can yourself verify for the 100% accuracy like following someone on twitter, facebook or Google+, like a facebook page, bookmark a site, get contact details from themturk-tips given website etc. This is because, you need to raise your HIT approval rate. Many of the requester provides the high amount task to only those worker’s who has high approval rate. Some ask for more than 90%, or some even ask like more than 95%. If your HIT approval rate is lower, you will not be able to do many of the tasks.

When you are searching for HITs through the search button, make sure ‘Show all details’ is clicked in all the opened browser so that you can see all the important information like description, qualification required, location etc. which will help you to decide fast whether you want to do this task or if you are eligible to do the task from your location.

Use the multi tab browser of latest version like Chrome so that you can search HITs in all the browser with different parameters. i.e. you can search HITs by reward amount from lowest first or highest first in one browser, HITs available most first or fewest first in another browser etc. Now keep on refreshing these windows every 2-5 minutes so that any task added in mTurk and that matches your interest can be fast accepted by you. Many of the HITs needed to open 2-3 websites simultaneously to search, compare or finding some data and a multi tab browser will help you to complete the task very fast.

Check which are the HITs that are very high paying. Keep an eye on such HITs and find out how you can be able to complete such HITs. If you are not experienced for doing some of the high paying HITs which comes frequently then try to gain the knowledge and skill for doing such HITs.

Use a high speed internet connection. Now a days, you will find so many broadband connection provider who provide 2 Mbps or faster speed at very cheap rates. Just imagine, you clicked to accept a HIT and because of your slow connection its taking time and then you get a message “This HIT is assigned to someone” or not available” because someone else with faster internet connection accepted before it could assigned to you. So if 2 or more person accept a HIT at the same time, the person with fastest PC and internet connection will receive the HIT.

Make always a good relation with the Requesters. Sometime, a Requester does not approve a HIT as the Requester did not checked the HIT properly or your answer was not up to the mark. In this situation, you can contact the Requester directly and ask him to approve the HIT as you have tried your best to solve this. In most of the situation, he will approve your HIT. If you are lucky or the requester likes your work, then he may assign you direct work and this will give you lots of work. This is because if a Requester find someone directly, he may save the money that goes for mTurk commission.

If you Google, you will find lots of forum dedicated to mTurk like Be a part of such forum sites so that you can contact other mTurkers and exchange your views. Sometime you may find some tips or tricks which can solve many of your problems in mTurk. Joining mTurk forum is absolutely free.


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