Affiliate Marketing

It is impossible to spend more than a few hours online without encountering the phrase “affiliate marketing”.  From your email inbox to the footer of your favorite websites, almost every place you look has a reference to affiliate marketing. With this subject being so popular, you may be wondering just how do affiliate marketers get paid, what does this kind of marketing involve, and could it be something that would be profitable for you.

Let’s begin with the obvious question. How does one make money with affiliate marketing?

Making money through affiliate programs is actually a fairly straightforward concept. A company essentially pays the affiliate to promote their products or services. Like traditional advertising media, such as television or newspaper, the affiliate marketer receives a payment for endorsing or otherwise promoting products. This is where the similarity ends, however, because unlike traditional advertising media, the online affiliate marketer’s results are easily monitored.

Due to the ability to track the effectiveness of an online campaign, affiliate marketers are usually paid a commission per sale or earn a fee each time someone clicks on the affiliate link.  In some cases, such as the use of banner advertisements or contextual links, the affiliate may also be paid for the number of times the advertisement was viewed.Various affiliate programs exist and nearly all of them incorporate one or more of these methods for determining the payments due to their affiliates.

Your personal web presence and your available resources are the deciding factors in the best form of affiliate program for you. For example, if an individual has a relatively small online presence in social media but they own a trusted web site that receives a good amount of traffic, banner advertisements or contextual links in the content of the site paid on a per sale basis may be a good choice. This is the best fit when an affiliate product or service is related to the individual’s website content.

Another individual with multiple social media accounts and a huge list of followers may find they make more money by sharing affiliate links with their audience on a pay-per-click or pay-per-viewed basis. Still another individual may find that posting a sponsored advertising banner on their popular blog may yield rich results. This occurs when the blog’s readers support their favorite blogger by purchasing items from the stores recommended on the site. For the web savvy affiliate, it is no longer a question of how does one make money with affiliate marketing but how many unique opportunities to promote products can one come up with.

To make money with affiliate marketing, you need a few key things.

You must have an audience, an affiliate opportunity and a little time to make the program work for you. Finding the first two components is often the easy part of the equation. In this modern age of technology, nearly everyone has some form of online presence. Your audience includes the people you interact with on your blog, your personal or business website, your social media accounts or through email. The affiliate opportunity can be easy to find.

Most individuals visit at least a few websites on a regular basis with an affiliate program link somewhere on the page. If you are visiting these websites regularly, the odds are your audience would be interested in them as well.

That just leaves the final component, time. Many affiliate marketers fail simply because they aren’t willing to invest the time needed to make the affiliate program work. Banner ads are never seen if they are not placed on your blog. Your social media followers don’t click on affiliate links that you don’t post. For whatever the reason, it seems that some folks just intentionally sabotage themselves when it comes to making money from affiliate marketing programs.

You don’t have to be a pushy used car salesman type personality to be an effective affiliate marketer, but you do have to put in the time to make the program work for you. Affiliate marketing is very popular around the Internet because of its inherent simplicity and the fact that it can be a steady form of passive income once established correctly. Now that you know the answer to the question of how does one make money with affiliate marketing, what are you going to do with the information?

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